Stay up to date with E-Brief

e brief logoIn April the Law Society launched an electronic news feature called E-Brief. The newsletter is emailed to all Law Society members and is designed to keep lawyers up to date on matters discussed at monthly Benchers meetings, as well as other Law Society developments.

We made it easy to read on a mobile device and aim to take up only a minute or two of your time. E-Brief also links to the Law Society website, when appropriate, for a fuller review of the information provided.

Member response to our first couple of editions has been positive. Here are three examples:

I like the format, concision and lack of complicated graphics and frames. This is easy-to-use information that directs the reader to source documents if more detail is wanted or needed.

I want to add my voice to those thanking you for doing the E-Brief. It’s great!  Makes me feel more connected to the Benchers and what’s going on in our profession.

I found it very useful. I particularly like that it is succinct, so it is easy to make the time to read right away before getting on with the other tasks of the day.

We thank members for the encouragement. We also want to hear your suggestions on information you would like to see included in E-Brief in the future. The editor of E-Brief is Lesley Pritchard. You can contact her at