E-Brief: June 2014

Special general meeting, June 10, 2014

The special general meeting on June 10 garnered an unprecedented response from members at 16 different locations across the province. The meeting was chaired by Law Society President Jan Lindsay, QC. Many members had the opportunity to speak, both for and against the resolution, before the vote was called at approximately 2:45 pm. Registration and voting continued until 6 pm, and after all ballots were tallied, the result was 3,210 for the resolution and 968 against. The Benchers thank all the members and students who took the time to attend the meeting. The level of engagement and the variety of points of view expressed in the thoughtful and heartfelt comments reflected a serious consideration of the issues involved.

Bencher meeting, June 13, 2014

On Friday, the Benchers discussed how they should consider the results of the special general meeting held on June 10. A number of questions were raised about whether any reconsideration of their April 11 decision would require the Benchers to invite further submissions, how section 13 of the Legal Profession Act would apply and the relevance to their decision of events, such as the current litigation, that have occurred since their April decision. After some consideration, the Benchers agreed to more fully discuss these issues at their July meeting and to place on the agenda for their September meeting consideration of a motion to implement the resolution of the members passed at the special general meeting. The Benchers remain committed to a fair, thorough and transparent process in their further consideration of this important issue.

Limitations and deadlines quick reference list - updated to June 1, 2014

The first limitation under the new Limitation Act expires June 1, 2015, less than one year from now. Don't get caught. Read the information on our website, and incorporate the latest risk management tool from the Lawyers Insurance Fund into your practice. The new Quick Reference List, updated to reflect the new Act and other changes introduced since the list was first published in 2007, will be mailed to every lawyer in private practice later this month. Other lawyers can receive a copy, while supplies last, by sending an email request, along with your name and address, to insurance@lsbc.org. An online copy of the list will be posted shortly, and updated from time to time.

Discipline rule amendment

At the June 10 meeting, the Benchers approved an amendment to the discipline rules. In a conditional admission hearing, the hearing panel may consider the conditional admission and proposed disciplinary action before the hearing begins; in any disciplinary hearing, the panel may consider material agreed to by the parties in advance of the hearing: see Rule 4-30.


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