Helping students learn about lawyer independence

The Law Society has partnered with the Justice Education Society (formerly Law Courts Education Society) to produce a video to educate high school students about lawyer and judicial independence.

The video presents the cases of three high school students arrested under a fictitious law called the Youth Gathering Act, which makes it illegal for a group of three or more youth to gather in a public place after 6 pm.

Following the students’ arrest, they each consult a lawyer and learn first-hand about the principles of fairness, independence and equality in the justice system.

The video will be released to the BC schools this Fall, along with a teacher’s guide that includes discussion points, questions and answers and other classroom activities to reinforce the video’s message.

The project was initiated in 2007, when the Benchers approved a proposal from the Independence and Self-Governance Committee to develop a public education program to introduce senior high school students to the principle of the independence of lawyers.

Effective public education is one of the key priorities adopted by the Benchers in their three-year strategic plan.