2014 Referendum: Whether the Law Society should not approve
Trinity Western University’s proposed School of Law

The Referendum Question

At their September 26, 2014 meeting the Benchers resolved to conduct a referendum of all members of the Law Society of British Columbia, as follows:


A referendum (the "Referendum") be conducted of all members of the Law Society of British Columbia (the "Law Society") to vote on the following resolution:

"Resolved that the Benchers implement the resolution of the members passed at the special general meeting of the Law Society held on June 10, 2014, and declare that the proposed law school at Trinity Western University is not an approved faculty of law for the purpose of the Law Society's admissions program."

Yes __________ No __________ (the "Resolution")

For clarity, a “Yes” vote supports disapproval, and a “No” vote supports approval of Trinity Western University’s proposed School of Law as an accredited faculty of law for the purpose of the Law Society’s admissions program.

The Referendum Process

The motion passed by the Benchers on September 26, 2014 further resolved that:

The Resolution will be binding and will be implemented by the Benchers if at least:

(a) 1/3 of all members in good standing of the Law Society vote in the Referendum; and

(b) 2/3 of those voting vote in favour of the Resolution.

The Benchers hereby determine that implementation of the Resolution does not constitute a breach of their statutory duties, regardless of the results of the Referendum. 

The Referendum be conducted as soon as possible and that the results of the Referendum be provided to the members by no later than October 30, 2014.

For more information about consideration of the proposed law school at TWU, see the Law Society website (www.lawsociety.bc.ca).

Referendum ballots that are completed and returned to the Executive Director of the Law Society by 5:00 pm on Wednesday, October 29, 2014 will be reviewed and counted (under the supervision of two independent scrutineers) on Thursday, October 30, 2014, and the voting results will be announced on the Law Society website later that day.

By Wednesday, October 8, this referendum information sheet, a ballot and return envelope will be mailed to all Law Society members on the official voters list, pursuant to Rules 1-25 and 1-37. If you have not received a ballot by October 15, or if you have any questions about the referendum, please email the Law Society at referendum@lsbc.org.