Law Society applauds Chief Justice Donald Brenner

President Gordon Turriff, QC applauded the work of BC Supreme Court Chief Justice Donald Brenner, who recently announced he will be stepping down after nine years of service in the position. Chief Justice Brenner will be leaving the court effective September 7.

Turriff described Brenner, CJSC as “approachable and as accessible as we could ever hope for” adding “he was always ready to listen.”

“He has taken the lead in rules reform (a review process undertaken by the provincial government and the legal profession to increase access to justice) and, while he and I had different views about the reform process, he stuck with his vision and the people of BC are going to benefit from that.

“While it is sad to see him leave, it will be very interesting to see what new project he tackles, and we wish him well,” said Turriff.