About Us

The Law Society of British Columbia regulates the legal profession in BC, protecting the public interest in the administration of justice by setting and enforcing standards of professional conduct for lawyers.
We ensure the public is well served by legal professionals who are honourable and competent. We also bring a voice to issues affecting the justice system and the delivery of legal services.


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Access to legal services
Equity and diversity
The Rule of Law, lawyer independence and the self-governance of lawyers

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How we protect the public interest

  1. We ensure new lawyers are qualified to practice in BC by managing admissions and credentials
  2. We provide several educational programs and oversee the required annual ongoing development program for lawyers
  3. When needed, we conduct reviews of a lawyer’s practice and monitor remedial programs
  4. We regulate and audit lawyers’ trust fund accounting procedures
  5. We provide practice advice to lawyers on ethical and legal issues
  6. We take custody of a lawyer’s practice when a lawyer is unable to continue practicing and has not made arrangements for clients
  7. In response to complaints, we investigate and discipline lawyers who have violated our rules
  8. We protect the public by taking action against those who illegally offer legal services or misrepresent themselves as lawyers

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