Credentials hearings: schedule and cases

Law Society hearings usually take place at the Law Society's office in Vancouver. Hearings are open to the public, although some portions may need to be closed to protect confidential client information.

Decisions on concluded hearings 
More information about credentials hearings

Before you attend a hearing, confirm that the hearing is on schedule by contacting the Hearing Administrator.

Members of the media: Please contact Communications and Public Affairs if you plan to attend a hearing.

Credentials hearings schedule

Hearing date Name City Issue Stage of hearing
March 7-8/17   Houton Sanandaji  Vancouver  Application for enrolment  Hearing scheduled

credentials cases

The table below shows the status of all current credentials hearings: 

Name Hearing ordered Hearing Review board Status
Kevin James Anderson July 10/14

June 8-11/15
Sept. 8-9/15
Nov. 8-9/15
Jan. 11-12/16
April 21/16


Decision pending

Decision on Preliminary Application 
May 28/15

Jonathan David Cross Aug. 19/15

June 15-16/16 

  Hearing adjourned
Vanessa Winn Sept. 24/15

July 27-28/16
Dec. 7/16

  Hearing concluded
Jennifer Morgan Best July 7, 2016


Nov. 1/16
  Decision pending
Houton Sanandaji Nov. 3/16

March 7-8/17

  Hearing scheduled