CEO's Perspective

The Olympic challenge

Timothy E. McGeeby Timothy E. McGee

The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games will be a spectacular event, witnessed live and on television by billions of people from around the world. The Games will bring the world together in the pursuit of athletic excellence, and we will be host to the thrill of victory for some and the agony of defeat for others.

The Olympics will also bring a unique set of challenges for businesses and organizations that, like the Law Society, operate in the downtown core. The Law Society’s offices are situated in the “red zone” or epicentre of public events during the Games. The opening and closing ceremonies and nightly medal presentations at BC Place stadium are a short walk from the Law Society as are celebration centres with music, videos and other entertainment. While Olympic organizers want people to visit the “red zone” and participate in the festivities, we already know that street closures and pedestrian-only access will be the order of the day.

The Law Society will be open for business during the Olympics, but we recognize that it will not be business as usual. Our goal is to maintain an appropriate level of service in our key regulatory areas and continue to handle day-to-day enquiries from the public and from members.

While we don’t know whether demand for our services will be affected by the Olympics, we assume there will be some drop-off in regular activity. We are putting in place staffing plans to deal with all eventualities.

The Olympics promise to be an exciting time, and Canada looks ready to take its place on the podium as never before. We will be catching the Olympic spirit in different ways at the Law Society, and I look forward to sharing these with you in the months to come.