Law Society’s 2009-2011 Strategic Plan

The Benchers have approved a strategic plan that will guide the Law Society over the next three years.

The plan, adopted at the Benchers’ February meeting, identifies three principal goals:

1. enhancing access to legal services;

2. enhancing public confidence in the legal profession through appropriate and effective regulation of legal professionals;

3. effective education, both of legal ­professionals and those wishing to become legal professionals, and of the public.

The Benchers identified a number of strategies and policy initiatives to achieve these goals. The plan will enhance the Benchers’ ability to focus on policy development that best meets the fulfillment of the Society’s mandate. It also will enable the Law Society to optimize its staff resources in the development of those policies and strategies.

President Gordon Turriff, QC and CEO Tim McGee will be meeting with non-elected and elected officials within the provincial government, as well as other key stakeholders, to explain the plan and the Law Society’s Key Performance Measures, which track progress in a number of operational areas.

The details of the Strategic Plan will be available to members in the Law Society’s Annual Report in July.