List of excess and other commercial insurance brokers

My Insurance Policy: Questions and Answers explains how much insurance is available under the policy’s professional liability insurance for negligence (Part A) and what claims and activities the policy covers. You will want to talk to a broker about buying additional insurance to protect yourself from the risk of claims that exceed the policy limits or are not covered. A list of brokers is below. Information about protection for claims that our policy does not cover is available here. Information about protection for claims that exceed $1 million is available here.

The following is a list of the brokers through which the majority of excess professional liability insurance policies are sold to BC law firms and that have information about other insurance policies for risks that we do not insure:

Shaw Sabey & Associates Ltd. – Contact: Victor Montagliani at 604.699.2277

Jardine Lloyd Thompson Canada Inc. – Contact: Spencer Denton at 604.640.4278 or Mark Venier at 604.640.4282

Metrix Professional Insurance Brokers – Contact: Mike Russell at 604.629.2668 or Raquel Cooper at 604.629.2670

Hub International – Contact: David Mills at 604.269.1868

Marsh Canada Limited – Contact: Rob Selnes at 604.443.3535

Aon Risk Solutions – Contact: Catherine Richmond at 604.443.2429

Note: This list is provided only to assist lawyers interested in buying insurance. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list nor in any way an endorsement of any insurance brokers. Lawyers are also encouraged to talk to more than one broker to find the best products for their firm, at the best price.