Notices from the Courts

Impact of the 2010 Olympics on Provincial Court scheduling

The Provincial Court of British Columbia will maintain operations during the 2010 Olympics. Although many police officers will be deployed for Olympic security, the courts will remain open for business.

A court scheduling adjustment is currently underway to increase criminal court proceedings that require police witnesses in the months just prior to the Olympics. This will ensure no additional backlog is created if some matters cannot be scheduled during the Olympic period.

All other provincial matters scheduled during the Olympic period will proceed in every court location around the province.

Provincial Court practice direction

The Provincial Court has issued the following practice direction for the Robson Square Youth Justice Court regarding Criminal Caseflow Management Rules — Arraignment and Trial Confirmation Hearings, and Administrative Court Sittings.

This direction has two objectives:

1. expanded judicial assignments for Judicial Case Managers; and

2. enforcing compliance with Criminal Caseflow Management Rules.

See the court's website for the complete text of the practice direction.

Notaries Act amended

The Provincial Cabinet has recently passed an Order-in-Council proclaiming sections of the Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement Implementation Act amending the Notaries Act effective January 1, 2009. The main result of these amendments will be to end the restriction of the numbers of notaries public permitted to practise in BC and the geographic limits on the practices of individual notaries.