A message from the Court Services Branch

E-file service now available province-wide

The Court Services Online electronic filing service is now available in all 43 court locations across BC.

The CSO e-file service allows users to submit electronic court documents in civil actions to Supreme Court and Provincial Court registries. BC is the first province in Canada to introduce a comprehensive e-filing system including the storage and maintenance of court files in an electronic format.

Legislation to facilitate e-filing came into effect in 2005. Since then, over 28,000 Supreme Court Civil and Provincial Court Small Claims documents have been e-filed.

E-filing is a key component of the Integrated Electronic Court, a joint vision of the Court Services Branch of the Ministry of Attorney General and the British Columbia Judiciary to use new technology to improve access to justice.

E-filing is simple and can take less than three minutes to complete. Once a document is e-filed, an electronic copy can be retrieved via your CSO account. Statutory filing fees and CSO transaction fees can be paid with a credit card or with a BC OnLine deposit account.

Law firms that have used the e-filing service like the ease and convenience, and the efficiencies gained. E-filing allows users to file, retrieve and electronically search files from their office or home. It simplifies document preparation by eliminating the need to print and prepare multiple copies of documents for filing. Electronic delivery to the registry is immediate and users can opt to receive an email notification when their documents have been processed. Once accepted for filing the stamped, filed document is easily downloaded for storage, printing or service. E-filing is available for most Supreme Court Civil and Provincial Court Small Claims documents.

For e-filing restrictions, refer to Supreme Court Rule 69 (5) and Small Claims Rule 22.
For more information about e-filing or to view an online demonstration, visit Court Services Online at courtservicesonline.gov.bc.ca.