Rule changes

At their October meeting, the Benchers approved the following changes to the Professional Conduct Handbook:

Chapter 2, Rules 3 through 6 are amended and Rules 3.1 and 4.1 are added to update a lawyer's professional responsibility to respect human rights laws, consistent with recent changes in the BC Human Rights Code.

At their November meeting, the Benchers adopted new client identification and verification rules (Rules 3-91 to 3-102) based on the Federation of Law Societies of Canada's Model Rule. At the next meeting on December 12, the Benchers amended Rules 3-91 to 3-95 and Rule 97, based on revisions to the Model Rule. Law Society Rules 3-91 to 3-102 (including the December amendments) will take effect December 31, 2008.


Annotated Handbook goes online

Beginning January 15, 2009 lawyers and the public will be able to access the Annotated Professional Conduct Handbook online.

In addition to containing all the rules in the Professional Conduct Handbook, the annotated version gives practitioners and the public access to selected decisions of courts, and Law Society discipline panels and opinions of the society’s Ethics Committee.

The Law Society intends to update the Annotated Professional Conduct Handbook on a regular basis and welcomes comments and suggestions for improvement. For further information or to provide feedback, contact Jack Olsen, Ethics Advisor at 604-443-5711.