New communications toolkit for members

The Law Society has created a toolkit to help members communicate more effectively with their clients and others they encounter in their practice.

Developed by the Complaints Reduction Staff Group, the communications toolkit is an online training module that uses real life examples to help lawyers refine their communication skills within the context of their professional responsibilities.

Toolkit"Whether you're dealing with a client, another lawyer, or consulting with an expert, good communication is critical," said Neil Hain, Professional Conduct lawyer and project leader. "The Law Society developed this training module to ensure that members have the tools they need to communicate effectively with their clients and colleagues."

While the training module was originally designed to assist Law Society members who are having communication problems, as identified by the Professional Conduct department, Hain stresses that all lawyers can benefit from the program.

"We want to provide all members with the opportunity to deal proactively with the issue of communication — to enhance their already well-developed skills in this area and ensure they are meeting their professional responsibilities to the best of their ability. That's why we created an online delivery system for the program, to reach as many members as possible."

The online training module is also practical, Hain added. Not only is it a manageable length — the program can be completed in a single sitting — it includes links to sample letters and other resources that members can use immediately in their practice.

The course has been test-driven by lawyers from different fields and of varying levels of experience. "I am pleased to say that all of the testers reported back with favourable comments and noted that the course offers valuable tips to improve communication skills in a wide range of practice areas," said Hain.

The program will be available to all members by the end of October. For more information about the communications toolkit, contact Neil Hain, Staff Lawyer, Professional Conduct.