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The work of the Law Society is overseen by a volunteer board of governors called Benchers. There are two types of Benchers:

Elected Benchers: 25 lawyers who are elected by other lawyers in nine regions across BC.

Appointed Benchers: up to six non-lawyers who are selected by the provincial Cabinet to represent the public interest.

The Attorney General of British Columbia is also a Bencher although, in practice, the Deputy Attorney General attends Bencher meetings on the Attorney's behalf.

Benchers serve minimum two-year terms and can be re-elected. The President is the chief elected official of the Society, and serves a one-year term in that position.

With the exception of the President and Vice-Presidents, all Benchers volunteer their time to the Law Society, which is a considerable commitment given the frequent meetings and membership to various committees.

Elected Benchers

Herman Van Ommen

Herman Van Ommen, QC
Vancouver County
McCarthy Tetrault LLP
2400 – 745 Thurlow Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 0C5
Tel: 604.643.7100

Miriam Kresivo, QC

Miriam Kresivo, QC
First Vice-President
Vancouver County
Alexander Holburn Beaudin & Lang LLP
2700 – 700 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC  V7Y 1B8
Tel: 604.484.1797

 Nancy Merrill

Nancy G. Merrill, QC
Second Vice-President
Nanaimo County

Merrill Long & Company
201 Milton Street
Nanaimo, BC V9R 2K5
Tel: 250.754.4441

Jasmin Z. Ahmad  

Jasmin Z. Ahmad
Vancouver County
c/o Koffman Kalef LLP
1900 – 885 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC V6C 3H4
Tel: 604.891.3604

Jeff Campbell 

Jeff Campbell, QC
Vancouver County
Peck and Company
610 – 744 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC V6C 1A5
Tel. 604.669.0208 

Pinder Cheema, QC 

Pinder K. Cheema, QC
Victoria County

Ministry of Justice
3rd Floor – 940 Blanshard Street
Victoria, BC V8W 3E6
Tel: 250.387.4481 

Jeevyn Dhaliwal 

Jeevyn Dhaliwal
Vancouver County
Larlee Rosenberg
Suite 600, Randall Building
555 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 1Z5
Tel: 604.681.9887

Tom Fellhauer

Tom Fellhauer
Okanagan district
Pushor Mitchell LLP
3rd Floor, 1665 Ellis Street
Kelowna, BC V1Y 2B3
Tel: 250.762.2108

Craig A.B. Ferris, QC 

Craig A.B. Ferris, QC
Vancouver County
Lawson Lundell LLP
1600 – 925 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC V6C 3L2
Tel: 604.631.9197 

Martin Finch, QC 

Martin Finch, QC
Westminster County

Baker Newby LLP
9259 Main Street
P.O. Box 390
Chilliwack, BC V2P 6K2
Tel: 604.792.1376

Brook Greenberg 

Brook Greenberg
Vancouver County
Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP
2900 - 550 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC V6C 0A3
Tel: 604.631.3167

Lisa Hamilton 

Lisa Hamilton
Vancouver County
Hamilton Fabbro
1400 – 1030 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 2Y3
Tel: 604.687.1193

Dean P.J. Lawton 

Dean P.J. Lawton, QC
Victoria County

Carfra Lawton LLP
6th Floor, 395 Waterfront Crescent
Victoria, BC V8T 5K7
Tel: 250.995.4253 

Jamie Maclaren 

Jamie Maclaren
Vancouver County

Access Pro Bono Society of BC
300 – 845 Cambie Street
Vancouver BC V6B 4Z9
Tel: 604.629.9666 

Sharon Matthews, QC 

Sharon Matthews, QC
Vancouver County
Camp Fiorante Matthews Mogerman
400 – 856 Homer Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 2W5
Tel: 604.331.9522 

Steven McKoen 

Steven McKoen
Vancouver County

Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP
Suite 2600, 595 Burrard Street
P.O. Box 49314, 3 Bentall Centre
Vancouver, BC V7X 1L3
Tel: 604.631.3319 

Christopher A. McPherson 

Christopher McPherson
Westminster County

Office of the Crown Counsel
3rd Floor – 651 Carnarvon Street
New Westminster, BC V3M 1C9
Tel: 604.660.8724 

C.E. Lee Ongman

C.E. Lee Ongman
Cariboo County
Kaun Law Corporation
344 George Street
Prince George, BC V2L 1R3
Tel: 250.561.2055

Gregory A. Petrisor

Gregory A. Petrisor
Cariboo County
512 – 1488 Fourth Avenue
Prince George, BC V2L 4Y2
Tel: 250.563.4971

 Philip Riddell

Phil Riddell
Westminster County
Philip A. Riddell Law Corporation
6222 – 2850 Shaughnessy Street
Port Coquitlam, BC  V3C 6K5
Tel: 604.520.6033

Elizabeth Rowbotham

Elizabeth Rowbotham
Vancouver County

Ministry of Justice - Legal Services
1301 – 865 Hornby Street
Vancouver, BC V6Z 2G3
Tel: 604.660.3093

Michelle Stanford

Michelle Stanford
Kamloops district
stanford + company law office
533 Nicola Street
Kamloops, BC V2C 2P9
Tel: 250.851.8582 

 Sarah Westwood

Sarah Westwood
Prince Rupert County
Yuen Westwood Law Corporation
3707 2nd Avenue
P.O. Box 1089
Smithers, BC V0J 2N0
Tel: 250.877.0218

 Tony Wilson

Tony Wilson, QC
Vancouver County
Boughton Law Corporation
700 – 595 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC  V7X 1S8
Tel: 604.684.1800

Appointed Benchers

 Satwinder Bains Satwinder Bains
 Woody Hayes J.S. (Woody) Hayes, FCPA, FCA
 Claude Richmond

Claude Richmond

 Mark Rushton Mark Rushton
 Carolynn Ryan Carolynn Ryan
Daniel Smith  Daniel Smith

Contact the Law Society for correspondence with Appointed Benchers

Life Benchers

Any Bencher who has served for four terms or who has served as President of the Law Society is recognized for life with the honorary title of “Life Bencher.” Here are the Life Benchers, including dates of service as Benchers:

The Honourable Peter J. Millward, QC (1965-1975)
The Honourable Mary F. Southin, QC (1971-1980)
Norman Severide, QC (1974-1981)
H. Allan Hope, QC (1974-1982)
The Honourable Thomas R. Braidwood, QC (1973-1975; 1979-1985)
The Honourable Bruce I. Cohen, QC (1978-1986)
Marvin R.V. Storrow, QC (1980-1987)
R. Paul Beckmann, QC (1980-1989)
Robert M. Dick, QC (1983-1991)
The Honourable Mr. Justice Peter Leask (1984-1992)
John M. Hogg, QC (1984-1993)
P. Michael Bolton, QC (1985-1993)
The Honourable Mr. Justice Robert T.C. Johnston (1986-1994)
The Honourable Mr. Justice Grant D. Burnyeat (1988-1995)
Donald A. Silversides, QC (1984-1995)
James M. MacIntyre, QC (1986-1995)
Alan E. Vanderburgh, QC (1989-1995)
Karen F. Nordlinger, QC (1988-1996)
Richard C.C. Peck, QC (1988-1997)
Leonard T. Doust, QC (1990-1997)
William M. Trotter, QC (1990-1997)
Trudi L. Brown, QC (1992-1998)
Warren T. Wilson, QC (1991-1999)
The Honourable Ujjal Dosanjh, QC (1995-2000)
Karl F. Warner, QC (1994-2000)
Richard S. Margetts, QC (1995-2001)
Gerald J. Lecovin, QC (1994-2001)
Emily M. Reid, QC (1994-2001)
Jane S. Shackell, QC (1994-2001)
Ann Howard (1992-2002)
Marjorie Martin, MSW (1992-2002)
Richard C. Gibbs, QC (1996-2002)
Howard R. Berge, QC (1992-2003)
Russell S. Tretiak, QC (1992-2003)
Robert D. Diebolt, QC (1996-2003)
G. Ronald Toews, QC (1996-2003)
Gerald J. Kambeitz, QC (1996-2003)
William J. Sullivan, QC (1997-2003)
Master Peter J. Keighley (1996-2004)
William M. Everett, QC (1998-2004)
Ralston S. Alexander, QC (1999-2005)
Patricia L. Schmit, QC (1998-2005)
Master Robert W. McDiarmid (1998-2006)
Anna K. Fung, QC (1998-2007)
Ian Donaldson, QC (2000-2007)
June Preston, MSW (2001-2008)
John J.L. Hunter, QC (2002-2008)
Gordon Turriff, QC (2002-2009)
Terence E. La Liberté, QC (2000-2001, 2004-2009)
James D. Vilvang, QC (2002-2009)
David A. Zacks, QC (2002-2009)
The Honourable Judge William F.M. Jackson (2003-2009)
Patrick Kelly (2002-2010)
Dr. Maelor Vallance (2002-2010)
G. Glen Ridgway, QC (2002-2010)
Gavin Hume, QC (2004-2011)
Joost Blom, QC (2004-2011)
Carol W. Hickman, QC (2004-2011)
Bruce A. LeRose, QC (2004-2012)
Art Vertlieb, QC (2004-2013)
Rita C. Andreone, QC (2006-2013)
Kathryn Berge, QC (2006-2013)
Leon Getz, QC (2006-2013)
Thelma O'Grady (2006-2013)
David Renwick, QC (2006-2013)
Richard Stewart, QC (2006-2013)
Jan Lindsay, QC (2006-2014)
Kenneth M. Walker, QC (2007-2015)
Peter B. Lloyd, FCPA, FCA (2008-2015)
David W. Mossop, QC (2008-2015)
Haydn Acheson (2008-2015)
E. David Crossin, QC (2009-2016)