Notices from the courts

The Supreme Court of BC has issued a Notice to the Profession:

1.  Registrars’ hearings by telephone or videoconference

A registrar’s hearing may now be conducted by telephone or videoconference from various registries. The purpose is to provide access to a registrar for those registries without a resident Master or where there are no scheduled sittings for a Master or legally trained registrar.

When taking out an appointment for these hearings, a party must also file a requisition form requesting that the court file be delivered to the presiding registrar in advance of the hearing date. The requisition should be filed at least seven days in advance of the hearing date and note any urgency in the delivery of the file.

See the court’s website at (Practice Directions and Notices) to download the requisition form.

The Provincial Court has issued three practice directions:

1.  Access to the Court for lawyers and articled students who have a disability

When a matter is being scheduled for a hearing, lawyers and articled students who self-identify as having a particular disability and who present themselves to a Judicial Case Manager or to a Justice of the Peace, Judicial Justice of the Peace or Provincial Court Judge, whether in Court or at a Court Registry, should be scheduled to accommodate their particular disability to the extent that it is not an undue hardship on the Court or would unreasonably interfere with the administration of justice.

2.  Prince George – Cariboo Northeast District
Criminal Caseflow Management Rules – Compliance Court Sittings

This direction provides a simplified and efficient means of scheduling breach allegations to secure a timely and fair determination.

3.  Port Coquitlam – North Fraser District
Criminal Caseflow Management Rules – Arraignment and Trial Confirmation Hearings, Compliance and Administrative Court Sittings

This direction has three objectives:

  • expanded judicial assignments for Judicial Case Managers;
  • simplified scheduling of breach allegations, timely and fair determination;
  • enforcing compliance with Criminal Caseflow Management Rules.

See the court’s website at for the complete text of the practice directions.