November 15 Bencher election results

The 2008-2009 Bencher election results are in: three Benchers were elected (one by acclamation) and 19 were re-elected (seven by acclamation).

Members had previously elected the following Benchers as President, First Vice-President and Second Vice-President, respectively, for 2008:

  • John J.L. Hunter, QC (President and Bencher for Vancouver)
  • Gordon Turriff, QC (First Vice-President and Bencher for Vancouver)
  • G. Glen Ridgway, QC (Second Vice-President and Bencher for Nanaimo)

Hunter, Turriff and Ridgway continue as Benchers for their respective districts by virtue of their executive office.

President Anna Fung, QC congratulated the elected and re-elected Benchers, and thanked all those who stood for election. Fung also acknowledged the dedication of three Benchers who will be stepping down at the end of this year. “I want to recognize the tremendous service of Dirk Sigalet, QC as Bencher for Okanagan District for the past four years, who has declined to stand for re-election,” Fung said. “As well, I want to pay tribute to Ian Donaldson, QC and Lay Bencher June Preston — who become Life Benchers in 2008 — for their many years of dedicated and effective Bencher service.”

Your new Benchers
Robert Brun, QC   David Mossop, QC   Meg Shaw, QC  
Robert C. Brun, QC   David Mossop, QC   Marguerite (Meg)
Shaw, QC

Benchers elected on November 15 for the 2008-2009 term

District No. 1 Vancouver

Rita C. Andreone
Joost Blom, QC
Robert C. Brun, QC
Leon Getz, QC
Gavin Hume, QC
Terence E. La Liberté, QC
David Mossop, QC
Thelma O’Grady
Art Vertlieb, QC
James D. Vilvang, QC
David A. Zacks, QC

District No. 2 Victoria

Kathryn Berge, QC
Richard N. Stewart

District No. 4 Westminster

Carol W. Hickman
Jan L. Lindsay
David M. Renwick, QC

District No. 5 Kootenay

Bruce A. LeRose, QC

District No. 6 Okanagan

Marguerite (Meg) Shaw , QC

District No. 7 Cariboo

William F.M. Jackson
Ronald S. Tindale

District No. 8 Prince Rupert

Robert D. Punnett

District No. 9 Kamloops

Kenneth M. Walker