Candid moments from the Life Benchers dinner

photo collage

Top row: Kathryn Berge, QC; Joost Blom, QC, Barbara Levesque and Director of Professional Regulation Stuart Cameron; Meg Shaw, QC and Paul Beckmann, QC.

Second row: Cecil Branson, QC and Sholto Hebenton, QC; David Mossop, QC, Terence ­La Liberté, QC and Kenneth Walker; Richard Margetts, QC, David Mossop, QC and Warren Wilson, QC.

Third row: Robert Punnett, Robert Brun, QC and Chief Legal Officer Howard Kushner; musicians.

Fourth row: Paul Beckmann, QC, Leon Getz, QC and Robert Dick, QC; William Trotter, QC, Ralston Alexander, QC and Gavin Hume, QC; Glen Ridgway, QC, Thelma O’Grady, Jane ­Shackell, QC and Patricia Schmit, QC.

Fifth row: John Hunter, QC, Gavin Hume, QC and Marvin Storrow, QC; Arthur Vertlieb, QC, Kenneth Walker and Ujjal Dosanjh, QC.