Opportunities for BC lawyers

Employment and Assistance Appeal Tribunal seeks lawyers to serve on panels

The Employment and Assistance Appeal Tribunal is seeking lawyers who wish to serve on its appeal panels.

The tribunal is an independent, quasi-judicial agency that hears appeals under the Employment and Assistance Act, the Employment and Assistance for Persons with Disabilities Act and the Child Care Subsidy Act.

The appeals involve ministerial decisions that refuse, discontinue or reduce income, disability or hardship assistance, a supplement or a child care subsidy.

The tribunal has approximately 200 members and hears about 1,500 appeals a year. Appeal panels generally consist of three members, with each member sitting on an average of 15 hearings a year. The average hearing requires about two hours of preparation time and an additional two hours for the hearing itself. Panel members are paid a small stipend for their work.

Lawyers who are interested in submitting their names for appointment as members of the tribunal can obtain more information from gov.bc.ca/eaat or by calling 1-866-557-0035.

Call for applications for the position of editor of the Advocate

With the appointment of Tom Woods to the Provincial Court Bench, the Vancouver Bar Association — publisher of The Advocate — is now seeking applications from those wishing to serve as editor. There is no need for any applicant to be resident in Vancouver. The position pays an honorarium.

Persons interested in applying for the position of editor are invited to send a letter of application together with an up-to-date curriculum vitae to the Vancouver Bar Association:

Nicole R. Howell, President
Vancouver Bar Association
c/o Hamilton Howell
1400 – 1125 Howe Street
Vancouver BC V6Z 2K8

The deadline for applications is Friday, January 18, 2008.