Pro Bono Law of BC survey

This spring Pro Bono Law of BC surveyed BC lawyers to determine the level of pro bono participation and to assess what can be done to better support their pro bono efforts.


  • 64 per cent of 1,080 survey respondents stated that they currently provide pro bono services to persons or non-profit organizations of limited means, representing a 10 per cent increase over 2005.
  • Lawyers reported providing over 40,000 hours of pro bono services over the past year, for an average of 37.2 hours per respondent.
  • Participation rates showed that sole practitioners provided an average of 55.5 pro bono hours in the past year on the high end, and respondents from medium-sized firms (seven to 20 lawyers) provided an average of 37.3 hours on the low end. Lawyers in rural areas provided an average of 61 hours on the high end, while lawyers from small urban areas provided 34.2 hours on the low end.
  • An overwhelming majority of respondents cited “professional responsibility” as their primary motivation for providing pro bono services.

Average yearly pro bono hours by practice size

chart: Average yearly pro bono hours by practice size

Responses to the question:
"How can Pro Bono Law of BC facilitate and expand pro bono services in BC?"

chart: Responses to the question:

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