Practice Directions from the courts

The Supreme Court of BC has issued two Practice Directions:

  1. As of July 1, 2007, anyone wishing to open a bankruptcy file must file a requisition in Form 2 and must state the name of the bankrupt, the title of the supporting document, the authority that allows the filing of the document and must provide an address for delivery.
  2. The fax filing numbers in those registries that provide registry services by fax pursuant to Rule 67 are updated.

For more information, see the Court’s website at (Practice Directions and Notices).

The Provincial Court of BC has issued a Practice Direction for Victoria – South Vancouver Island District regarding Arraignment and Trial Confirmation Hearings, Compliance and Administrative Court Sittings. The directive has three objectives:

  1. to authorize Judicial Case Managers by assignment to deal with virtually all administrative and remand matters (including arraignment and trial confirmation hearings);
  2. to provide a simplified and efficient means of managing breach matters to secure a timely determination of the matter; and
  3. to provide a prompt hearing where there has been a failure, on the part of counsel or an accused, to comply with the Criminal Caseflow Management Rules that require senior judicial attention to address issues that lead to backlog in the justice system.

For more information, see the Court’s website at