Interlock: Work-life balance for the sandwich generation – an oxymoron?

Woman and elderly MotherAre you a member of the “sandwich generation,” juggling a high-maintenance career, dependent children and ailing parents? Many of us struggle to achieve work-life balance.

You may think you have the juggling act under control until a new unanticipated responsibility tips the scale, leading to additional stress, moral dilemma, financial insecurity, legal planning, medical needs, questions regarding living arrangements, the division of responsibilities and consensual solutions. And this inevitably affects one’s focus and productivity and may lead to absenteeism.

Employers are becoming increasingly sensitive to this growing phenomenon. According to Caroline Tapp-McDougall, author of the Complete Canadian Eldercare Guide, “Eldercare and its inherent superhero responsibilities are the new facts of life for aging Canadians and the invincible baby boomers.” While they may not be invincible, solutions and resources are available.

Eldercare resources:

  • – The Peace of Mind website lists a variety of Eldercare resources, including those specific to the Lower Mainland. It includes a list of eldercare facilities.
  • – An online connection for families to find experienced caregivers for seniors, people with special needs and post-operative adults.
  • – mySeniorSite is aimed at those 55-plus, and includes a section on eldercare support.
Interlock reminds lawyers to seek help early

Seeking help early can make a big difference in dealing with a personal, family or work-related issue, and Interlock is reminding BC lawyers that their services are always just a phone call away.

Funded by the Law Society, Interlock’s confidential Member Assistance Program is provided at no direct cost to BC lawyers, articled students and their immediate family members. Interlock counsellors are experienced and qualified professionals — registered social workers, psychologists and clinical counsellors who must meet ethical standards, including duties of confidentiality.

Interlock services are available throughout BC. To set up an appointment with a counsellor in your community, call 1-800-663-9099 or 604 431-8200 in the Lower Mainland. For more information, visit Interlock online at