Appointments to outside bodies

Call for expressions of interest

The Law Society nominates or appoints members to the boards of a variety of legal and community organizations. The following appointments will be considered in 2007:

  • Legal Services Society
  • BC Law Institute
  • Continuing Legal Education Society (appointee must be from Kootenay district)
  • BC Land Title and Survey Authority
  • Law Foundation (appointee must be from the County of Nanaimo).

If you would like to be considered for any of these appointments, please send a current CV and covering letter indicating your interest to David Newell, Corporate Secretary, by mail to the Law Society office or by email to

Information about the organizations can be found on their websites.


Law Foundation: The Law Society has appointed Patricia Schmit, QC of Chudiak, Schmit in Quesnel, and Port Coquitlam Crown counsel Samantha Hulme to the Law Foundation’s board of governors.

The Law Society appoints 12 lawyers or judges to represent geographical areas of the province to the Law Foundation board. The attorney general, who is also a governor, appoints three non-lawyers and the Canadian Bar Association (BC Branch) appoints two lawyers.

The Law Foundation is independent of the government, the Law Society and the CBA, although its governors are appointed by these bodies.

Schmit and Hulme will serve two-year terms.

CanLII: The Law Society has reappointed Catherine Best to the board of CanLII. Best was first appointed to CanLII in 2001 and has served two three-year terms. Her third term will begin October 1, 2007.