In Brief

Judicial appointments

The Honourable G. Bruce Butler has been appointed a judge of the Supreme Court of BC. He replaces Mr. Justice V.R. Curtis (Vancouver) who elected to become a supernumerary judge.

The Honourable J. Keith Bracken, a judge of the Provincial Court in Duncan, has been appointed a judge of the Supreme Court. He replaces Mr. Justice R.G.D. Wilson (Victoria) who elected to become a supernumerary judge.

The Honourable Douglas Allan Betton has been appointed a Judge of the Provincial Court. A welcoming ceremony and reception will be held in Vernon on Friday, June 8 at 5 pm at the Provincial Court, 3001 – 27th Street, courtroom 301.

First Nations legal clinic

The UBC First Nations Legal Clinic celebrated its 11th anniversary on April 13 at the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre. The clinic delivers legal services to First Nations communities, while offering UBC law students opportunities to learn substantive legal principles and practice skills.

2007 Law Society Scholarship

Lorne Neudorf, a graduate of the University of Victoria faculty of law, has been awarded the Law Society’s 2007 Scholarship. The annual $12,000 scholarship is awarded to assist students in completing graduate studies that will benefit the individual, the province and the legal profession. Neudorf’s planned thesis will examine judicial independence and its practical significance to the relationship between the judiciary and the legislative and executive branches of government.

Real estate legislative amendment

A recent amendment to the Real Estate Development Marketing Act may impact lawyers who act as trustees under s. 18 of REMDA. This amendment will require a developer to have deposit insurance in place and to verify in writing that the purchaser has no rescission rights under s. 21 of the Act before a trustee can release the purchaser’s deposit.