2006: No. 5 November-December

President’s View: The justice system may change, but must remain independent


Public forum: citizenship, multiculturalism and the law
Benchers approve Lawyer Education Task Force’s preliminary report: Toward mandatory continuing professional development
Benchers approve updated workplace guidelines and model policy
Small Firm Practice Course begins in January
Pickton trial security and access advisory
Procedure for interim suspensions simplified
Lawyers' Compulsory Professional Liability Insurance: Benchers clarify Trust Protection Coverage
Kenneth Walker acclaimed a Bencher for Kamloops
Federal Court upholds sanctity of solicitor-client privilege
Disclosure and Privacy Task Force winds up after five years and more than 100 recommendations
Law societies sign mobility agreement at Vancouver meeting
Charles Locke receives Law Society Award
Roxane Vachon: an advocate for criminal justice in Afghanistan
Civil Justice Reform Working Group calls for fundamental changes
Law Foundation update
Unbundling legal services: alternatives to full service representation

Practice & Ethics

Practice Tips: Integrated accounting and case management systems
Ministries issue caution about water licences
Ethics Committee seeks input on conflicts rules
Courts and LTSA issue practice directives
New rule prohibits restrictions on future representation
Practice Watch: E-filing and retention of documents — What to do?


Unauthorized practice investigations
Special Compensation Fund claims