Child support recalculation – pilot project launched in Kelowna

childrenOn June 1, 2006, the Ministry of Attorney General brought in a Child Support Recalculation Service Pilot Project (CSRS) in the Kelowna Provincial (Family) Court, under the authority of the Family Relations Act (s. 93.3 and regulation 129/2006).

The pilot introduces a service to recalculate child support amounts on an annual basis. It does so by applying the child support guidelines tables to updated income information of parents.

CSRS is intended to assist in keeping child support amounts current in relation to the payor’s income, without the need for the parties to return to court. The recalculation pilot project is mandatory for all Family Relations Act orders for child support made on or after June 1, 2006 in the Kelowna Provincial (Family) Court. However, there are some limited circumstances in which the CSRS will not recalculate support, and parents with written support agreements may opt into the project.

CSRS accepts only income tax information as the source of up-to-date income information. When payors do not submit their income tax information as required, the service will apply a 10% increase to the income that was used to determine the current child support amount. Only recalculations that result in changes of $5 or more will result in a change in the child support amount to be paid. Special or extraordinary expenses will not be recalculated.