Ken Dobell appointed new Lay Bencher

Ken Dobell, Chair of the Vancouver Convention Centre Expansion Project, has been appointed a Lay Bencher by the provincial cabinet.

Mr. Dobell comes to the role with an impressive record of service. In addition to his work on the Convention Centre expansion, he is a director of VANOC, the 2010 Legacies Now Society and the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships. He has served as the Deputy Minister to the Premier and Cabinet Secretary (2001- 2005), and remains a special advisor to the Premier on a contract basis. From 1999-2001 he was CEO of the Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority. He has also worked for the City of Vancouver as City Manager, Deputy City Manager and a research engineer. He has received a number of awards, including the Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Excellence in Public Service, the Municipal Officers of BC Professional Award and the BC HRMA Award of Excellence.

President Rob McDiarmid, QC welcomed Mr. Dobell. “The Society has been fortunate through the years to have had very talented people as Lay Benchers, and Ken Dobell is yet another example,” he said. “His experience on public policy issues will undoubtedly be of great value to us.”

For his part, Mr. Dobell said he is very pleased for the opportunity to serve and looks forward to working with the other Benchers. In accepting the position, he joins Michael Falkins, Patrick Kelly, June Preston and Maelor Vallance at the table, and fills one of two Lay Bencher vacancies. His term of service runs to December 31, 2007 and is renewable.