The Equity Ombudsperson

The Law Society wants to help prevent workplace harassment and other forms of discrimination and to encourage equitable workplace practices. That is why BC law firms are offered the services of an Equity Ombudsperson.

The Ombudsperson, Anne Bhanu Chopra, can help law firms prevent discrimination and promote a healthy work environment and she also offers assistance to any individual within a firm or legal workplace who may be facing discrimination and wishes to canvass options for resolving the problem. Ms. Chopra is independent, treats all enquiries in confidence and reports only anonymous statistical data to the Law Society.

Need help?

Law firm staff, law students, articled students, lawyers, human resource administrators and managing partners in law firms are all welcome to seek Ms. Chopra’s help at no cost. You can reach her on her confidential, dedicated telephone line at 604 687-2344 or by email to

In the next Benchers’ Bulletin

In a culturally diverse workplace, people may not share a common background, culture or first language. Culture does have an impact on our perception — and realizing that can help us show the people we work with respect instead of insensitivity. In the next Benchers’ Bulletin, Ms. Chopra looks at how language and actions we may think are innocuous could be hurtful to other people, and why. She welcomes questions for future columns — just call or write to her at the address noted above.