Meet our new Practice Advisor

Barbara BuchananMeet Barbara Buchanan, the Law Society’s new Practice Advisor who joins Dave Bilinsky, Practice Management Advisor, and Jack Olsen, Staff Lawyer – Ethics, in offering assistance to BC lawyers. Ms. Buchanan replaces Felicia S. Folk who returned to private practice last year.

Enthusiastic about her new role, Ms. Buchanan says that BC lawyers contact the practice advice team on a whole range of issues, including the prohibition against direct or indirect financial interest in a client and corporate governance issues. She is happy to see that both junior and senior lawyers are willing to call, and it is worth reassuring lawyers that their call is on a confidential basis. In her view, it is an ideal way to help prevent problems. “Sometimes lawyers need to talk through a scenario and have someone listen and offer a fresh perspective,” she observes. “Often they are able to come up with the solutions themselves in the course of that.”

She says she particularly likes the feeling of connection to other BC lawyers. “I love being able to talk with members of the profession from all over BC, and sometimes outside of BC. I’ve talked with members from as far away as Europe, the Middle East … and Toronto,” she adds with a smile.

Ms. Buchanan became part of the Practice Advice group in September 2005 on an interim basis after teaching several PLTC sessions. She comes to the Law Society with experience in private and in-house practice, having practised over six years as General Counsel for a multi-national corporation, Daishowa-Marubeni International Ltd. She has also served as a member of the Farm Industry Review Board and on other administrative tribunals and taught business law at Langara College and City University in Vancouver.