Strengthening our communications with government

Sound government relations are important for the Law Society. The Benchers are working to establish active, consultative and cooperative relationships across government, both at a provincial level, and at the federal level through the Federation of Law Societies of Canada.

The Law Society has long enjoyed an effective working relationship with the provincial Attorney General and Ministry staff, and values these relationships highly. The Society shares a keen interest in the administration of justice, including public confidence in the justice system, a matter which Attorney General Oppal recently flagged as a priority concern.

In addition to its communications with the Attorney General, the Law Society is working to build channels of communication with other provincial ministries. This is important, since legislative, policy and regulatory matters that impact on the Law Society and the legal profession often come from other branches of government.

The Society will take steps to communicate with government on issues of importance, and to offer assistance and expertise on legislative or policy changes that are within its mandate.

Above all, the Society is a self-governing profession with a statutory mandate to uphold the public interest in the administration of justice. It is not a political organization and therefore needs to maintain a non-partisan and a multi-partisan approach in all its dealings with government and the opposition.