Patrick Nagle

The Benchers and staff at the Law Society were saddened by the passing of Lay Bencher and journalist Patrick Nagle on January 8.

“All of us at the Law Society will miss Patrick greatly,” said President Rob McDiarmid. “He took his role as a Lay Bencher seriously, always kept us aware of the need for transparency in our processes and understood the need for an independent legal profession.”

First appointed a Lay Bencher in 2002 and twice reappointed since then, Mr. Nagle served on the Law Society’s Discipline Committee, the Complainants’ Review Committee and Access to Justice Committee.

Mr. Nagle’s life was celebrated at a wake — press-club style — held on January 28 where family, friends and colleagues paid tribute to him and his life’s work as a reporter. A Vancouver Sun memorial described his travels around the globe and the stories he told of its people and places in vivid detail on the pages of major Canadian newspapers: “His life, his work, touched countless people from the Arctic to Zimbabwe. His contribution to contemporary Canadian print journalism, from the chronicling of Pierre Trudeau’s political career to the fall of the Soviet Union, cannot be overstated. His gift to all of us was his ability to see things for how they are, not how some wanted us to see them.”