Would you like publications by email instead of mail?

the email button?Lawyers are welcome to receive the Benchers’ Bulletin and related newsletters, as well as amendments to the Legal Profession Act, Law Society Rules and Professional Conduct Handbook, by email instead of by mail. To switch over, visit the Law Society website at www.lawsociety.bc.ca and set your preferences in the “log-in” section. You can change your preferences at any time.

If you choose the electronic version, you can expect to receive an email containing brief highlights of the Benchers’ Bulletin, Discipline Digest and Insurance Issues, linked to the full text of articles on the Law Society website. The Society is offering the option of email publications to save on printing, postage and mailing costs.

Unless you sign up for epublications, you will continue to receive print publications. All lawyers will still receive the notices to the profession that the Law Society sends periodically by broadcast email.