Retainer agreements, limited scope retainers and joint retainer letters

For background information on limited scope retainers, see the free, one-hour CLE seminar: CLE-TV: Limited Scope Retainers on YouTube.

  • Here is a sample general-retainer agreement, including information how it can be tailored to apply to a limited scope retainer (sometimes referred to as “unbundling”): Word | PDF [updated December 2016]
  • Here is a sample joint retainer letter (formerly Appendix 6 of the Professional Conduct Handbook).

These sample documents will be revised, if and when required, in response to amendments to the BC Code.

These resources are intended to help lawyers carry out their duties and manage their practices. The sample documents are intended as a starting point; they can be amended to suit the styles, needs and circumstances of the lawyers involved. Lawyers must exercise professional judgment respecting the correctness and applicability of the material. The Law Society expressly disclaims responsibility for any errors or omissions.