All communications between practice advisors and lawyers are strictly confidential, except in cases of trust fund shortages.

Before contacting a practice advisor, review the Practice Advisors FAQs, and consider whether the information you are seeking might be in the Code of Professional Conduct, the Legal Profession Act, the Law Society Rules, or in Support and Resources for Lawyers. For trust account inquiries, see Trust Assurance Program or email For credentials inquiries, see Becoming a Lawyer in BC or email

Law Society practice advisors are here to help lawyers with practice and ethical advice. Practice advisors cannot provide advice to the public. For legal assistance, see our legal resources for the public. 

Practice advisors provide advice on:

  • the Law Society Rules and the BC Code;
  • ethics advice (e.g., confidentiality, conflicts, undertakings and withdrawing from a file);
  • practice advice (e.g., billing, client files and law office management);
  • managing client relationships and relationships with other lawyers;
  • client identification and verification;
  • fraud, scams and anti-money laundering;
  • personal coping and stress management.

Practice advisors do not:

  • provide formal oral or written opinions;
  • give substantive legal advice;
  • advise on entire transactions;
  • review large volumes of documents;
  • mediate matters between lawyers, their staff or firms;
  • assist with complaints that have been made to the Law Society;
  • provide advice about another lawyer’s conduct (though we may comment on whether, in our view, another lawyer’s conduct appears to be appropriate. In such circumstances, our comments are intended to assist the lawyer to decide on next steps);
  • advise on technology or tax issues.

If you disagree with the advice

Advice is freely given, and need not be followed. Further, lawyers who disagree with the advice may ask the Ethics Committee to consider the matter. Tell a practice advisor if you want your question to go to the Ethics Committee.


The Law Society reserves the right to decline to give advice on any matter. Advice from the practice advisors and the Ethics Committee is not a ruling or formal legal opinion, and it is not binding on the Law Society or the courts. If a lawyer acts on advice from a practice advisor or the Ethics Committee, and that matter later becomes the subject of a complaint to the Law Society, that lawyer may wish to raise the advice as a defence, but the defence may or may not be successful.

Law Society Practice Advisors

All practice advisors may be reached by email at or by phone at 604.443.5797 (fax 604.646.5902).

If there is a specific practice advisor you would like to reach, direct contact information is below:

Barbara Buchanan, QC (client identification and verification, anti-money laundering, and fraud and scam inquiries only)

Brian Evans

Jeff Rose, QC

Nadia Rowe

Sarah Sharp

Claire Marchant (Manager, Practice Support & Equity Ombudsperson)