The Member's Manual contains three main sections, each available online and for downloading. Lawyers are encouraged to use the online version of the manual, which is the most current (see shaded box at right). 

Member's Manual – print version

The print version includes the July 2022 amendment package, which updates the Member's Manual to July 15, 2022.

Legal Profession Act  (PDF)
Law Society Rules  (PDF)
Code of Professional Conduct for BC (PDF)
Indemnification Policy No. LPL 22-01-01 (PDF)
BIC Endorsement #1 (PDF)
Part C Retention Endorsement #2 (PDF)
Articling Guidelines  (PDF)

Amendment packages

Member's Manual amendment packages are published periodically throughout the year and can be downloaded, printed and inserted into the Manual:

Member's Manual – online versions

Legal Profession Act (

Law Society Rules

Code of Professional Conduct for British Columbia (BC Code


A print version of the Member's Manual can be ordered for a fee:

Complete Member's Manual  - $75 plus tax

Member's Manual contents only  - $50 plus tax

Member's Manual empty binder with tabs  - $25 plus tax

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