Closing a law practice

Winding Up a Practice: A Checklist [updated June 2017]
Withdrawal from the Practice of Law: sample newspaper notice and letter to clients

Financial / accounting / tax

Highlights of Changes to Trust Account and Cash Rules (July 2019)
Did you know that banks can place holds on trust cheques, certified cheques and bank drafts? (September 2018)
Are you or any of your employees US citizens? (Fall 2015 Benchers' Bulletin, p. 13)
Lost and Stolen Cheques, Bank Drafts and Trust Cheques: some modest but partial solutions, The Advocate
Garnishment of Lawyers' Trust Accounts
Twelve-month law practice cash flow budget worksheet
Ministry of Finance announces additional property transfer tax effective August 2, 2016
CRA notices of requirement (Fall 2016 Benchers' Bulletin)
Supreme Court of Canada releases decisions concerning CRA notices of requirements (Summer 2016 Benchers' Bulletin)

see also: Trust Accounting and Trust Assurance Program

Law Corporations

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Lawyer leaving law firm

Precedent letters when lawyer leaves a firm
Ethical considerations when a lawyer leaves a firm* (Practice, Summer 2017 Benchers' Bulletin)
*Note: This article is an update to "Ethical considerations when a lawyer moves on" (Practice Watch, Summer 2014 Benchers’ Bulletin)
The departing lawyer in the age of Covid-19 - Ethical, legal and practical guidance (Practice, Summer 2020 Bencher's Bulletin)


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Model policies

Model policies are for you to consider and use when you draft your own policies. They are NOT meant to be standard policies. Their suitability will depend upon a number of factors, such as the current state of the law and practice in each area of law, your writing style and your needs. Some may need to be modified to correspond to current law and practice.

Social Media and Social Networking Policies and Procedures 
Guidelines – Recruiting, Interviewing and Hiring Practices
Internet and E-Mail Use
Privacy Policy 
Privacy Policy for Employees of a Law Firm
Respectful Workplace  (Word | PDF)
Workplace Accommodation
Workplace Equality    

Materials developed for the Justicia project: 
Flexible Work Arrangements  (Word | PDF)  
Parental leave model policy for associates  (Word | PDF)  
Parental leave model policy for partners  (Word | PDF)  
Parental leave frequently asked questions 
Demographic data collection  

Office organization

Opening Your Law Office (July 2018)
Valuable property record 
Resource Guide for Lawyers with Disabilities and Employers
Loss prevention planning checklist
Sample associate agreement
Lawyers sharing space

Paralegals, designated paralegals

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Retainer agreements, limited scope retainers, joint retainer letters

For background information on limited scope retainers, see the Limited scope retainer FAQs in the Fall 2017 Benchers' Bulletin and the free, one-hour CLE seminar: CLE-TV: Limited Scope Retainers on YouTube.

  • Here is a sample general-retainer agreement, including information how it can be tailored to apply to a limited scope retainer (sometimes referred to as “unbundling”): Word | PDF [updated December 2016]
  • Here is a sample joint retainer letter (formerly Appendix 6 of the Professional Conduct Handbook).

These sample documents will be revised, if and when required, in response to amendments to the BC Code.

These resources are intended to help lawyers carry out their duties and manage their practices. The sample documents are intended as a starting point; they can be amended to suit the styles, needs and circumstances of the lawyers involved. Lawyers must exercise professional judgment respecting the correctness and applicability of the material. The Law Society expressly disclaims responsibility for any errors or omissions.

Succession Planning & Practice Coverage

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Safety and security

What to do Before and After a Disaster Strikes (July 2018)

What to do if your laptop or briefcase is stolen (December 2016)
Suspicious packages (Government of Canada)
Personal Safety Handbook (2015, CBA, Manitoba Branch)


Video conference technology
Cryptolocker Ransomware alert 
Cloud computing due diligence guidelines [2012] 
Cloud computing checklist v. 3.0 [updated April 2020]‚Äč 
Internet / e-mail use policy
ABA Legal Technology Resource Center website