Who must pay the indemnity fee

Lawyers in private practice
Every BC lawyer in private practice must participate in the indemnification program and pay the annual indemnity fee ($1,800 plus tax, 50 per cent discount for part-time practitioners), unless exempt.

Non-lawyer partners in a multidisciplinary practice (MDP) must also participate in the indemnification program and pay the annual indemnity fee.

Who may be exempt

For more information on exemptions, contact Member Services. Words highlighted in red will lead you to more information.

Inā€house lawyers or lawyers on secondment
You may be employed by a non-law corporation and not engaged in the practice of law other than in the course of that employment. If so, you are exempt from the requirement to pay the annual indemnity fee. Correspondingly, there is no coverage under the professional liability indemnity policy (Part A) for claims arising out of or in any way connected to your employment activities.

Lawyers providing pro bono or pro bono sanctioned services
Lawyers often provide legal advice and services for free. Lawyers who are exempt and do not pay the indemnity fee still enjoy some coverage. Under Part A, you are covered for certain pro bono services and for any claims that might arise out of your earlier private practice. You are also covered for lawyer dishonest appropriation under Part B.

Retired lawyers or lawyers no longer in private practice
Lawyers not in private practice – retired, non-practising or in-house counsel – do not generally pay the annual indemnity fee. Built in "tail" or "discovery" coverage continues to protect you.

Lawyers employed exclusively by the federal, provincial or municipal government
If you are a lawyer working for the government, a Crown corporation, union or society, or a not-for-profit organization that provides pro bono legal services to the public, please contact Member Services for information about exemptions and coverage.

Lawyers employed by a public legal service organization, trade union or society
If you are a trade union, society or public legal services lawyer, you may choose to pay the indemnity fee for some coverage.

Articling students are covered through their principal's policy.

Dual members
BC lawyers who are also members of another law society may be exempt from paying the indemnity fee.