Inquiries regarding claims and potential claims

Although reports must be in writing, Claims Counsel are available to lawyers who would like to speak with someone for legal advice about a claim or potential claim that has not yet been reported. Here is a list of Claims Counsel and the practice areas they handle:


Staff Contacts

For telephone advice about reporting a claim or potential claim that relates to:

Contact information for claims counsel is available here.

Administrative law Megan Swail or Richard Panton
Bad cheque scams / trust shortages Coran Cooper-Stephenson or Surindar Nijjar
Bankruptcy / insolvency Murray Patterson, Surindar Nijjar or Megan Swail
Builders liens Kate McLean, Coran Cooper-Stephenson or Maryanne Prohl
Civil litigation Leanne Wood, Coran Cooper-Stephenson, Megan Swail or Richard Panton
Commercial Marlon Song, Coran Cooper-Stephenson, Surindar Nijjar, Kate McLean, Murray Patterson or Richard Panton
Commercial leases Surindar Nijjar, Marlon Song or Coran Cooper-Stephenson
Construction Kate McLean, Richard Panton or Maryanne Prohl
Corporate Marlon Song, Surindar Nijjar or Murray Patterson
Creditors remedies Coran Cooper-Stephenson, Maryanne Prohl or Murray Patterson
Criminal Richard Panton or Coran Cooper-Stephenson
Defamation Richard Panton or Murray Patterson   
Family Lamour Afonso, Megan Swail or Leanne Wood
Foreclosures Surindar Nijjar, Murray Patterson or Maryanne Prohl 
Insurance Kate McLean, Leanne Wood, Megan Swail or Murray Patterson
Intellectual property Richard Panton or Murray Patterson
Lost cheques, lost shares Murray Patterson, Surindar Nijjar or Marlon Song (lost shares)
Personal injury, motor vehicle, missed limitations Leanne Wood, Gregory Sexton, Coran Cooper-Stephenson or Richard Panton 
Personal property (PPSA) Surindar Nijjar or Marlon Song
Real estate Marlon Song, Surindar Nijjar, Megan Swail, Coran Cooper-Stephenson or Murray Patterson
Securities Murray Patterson, Kate McLean or Surindar Nijjar
Tax Kate McLean or Marlon Song
Wills and estates Megan Swail, Marlon Song or Leanne Wood

Inquiries regarding coverage and advance rulings

For information and answers to frequently asked questions about coverage, click here. For other questions about whether an activity or practice, person or entity is covered under the Policy, contact an advance ruling advisor: Surindar Nijjar, Kate McLean, Coran Cooper-Stephenson or Margrett George.

General Inquiries

For general information, unrelated to claims or potential claims, contact Margrett George or Susan Forbes, QC.