Option to Pay Insurance Fee for Trade Union, Society and Public Legal Services Lawyers

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Generally, if you are employed other than by a law firm, there is no coverage under the professional liability insurance policy (Part A) for claims arising out of or in any way connected to your employment activities and you are exempt from the requirement to pay the annual insurance fee.

However, if you are an employee of either a:

  • trade union or society; or
  • public legal service organization – a not-for-profit organization that provides pro bono legal services to the public,

the policy extends coverage to you for claims brought against you by third parties (there is no coverage for claims brought against you by or on behalf of your employer). As a result, you may choose to pay the insurance fee and participate in the insurance program, although you are not obliged to.

More information for public legal services lawyers

In June, 2002, the Benchers approved participation in the professional liability insurance program by lawyers employed by legal aid and public advocacy groups.

Coverage available to lawyers employed by legal aid and public advocacy groups, Benchers' Bulletin, 2002 May-June/July-August,

2002 second renewal endorsement