Professional liability insurance protects lawyers who are liable for negligence and ensures that clients receive compensation to which they are entitled.

Every BC lawyer in private practice must pay the annual insurance fee ($1,800 plus tax, 50% discount for part-time practitioners) unless exempt. The insurance is provided under Part A of the BC Lawyers' Compulsory Professional Liability Insurance Policy, as part of the Law Society's insurance program managed by the Lawyers Insurance Fund.

Professional liability insurance provides limits of $1 million per claim and $2 million in the annual aggregate, subject to a deductible of $5,000 or $10,000.


  1. For more information about who must participate and who is exempt, please go to Overview.
  2. For more information about the program's negligence insurance, including what and how much the policy pays, the financial consequences of a claim and what happens if a mistake is made by someone else, please go to "Some Basics" in My Insurance Policy: Questions and Answers.