Engagement (retainer or non-retainer) management failures can be broken down as follows:

  • Not managing client expectations (50%) – failing to appreciate the risk inherent in a client or their expectations of the legal process, who is doing what or how much it’s going to cost
  • Not managing third party expectations (20%) – failing to realize that someone for whom you are clearly not acting thinks you are protecting their interests
  • Not setting the retainer up effectively (15%) – not thinking through how you are going to deliver the legal services
  • Not concluding the retainer effectively (10%) – failing to properly attend to all the ‘wrap up’ details once the legal work is complete
  • Not managing emerging conflict (5%) – accepting a joint retainer but failing to properly manage a conflict that later arises

Who exactly is my client?
Narrator: Coran Cooper-Stephenson
Area of law: Commercial