The following summarizes Mobility: Managing the risk, Insurance Issues: Risk Management, July 2008

The walls are down, the gates are open, and visitors are welcome. The National Mobility Agreement allows temporary practice in reciprocating Canadian jurisdictions for up to 100 business days each year, without a permit (all of the provinces except Quebec are reciprocating jurisdictions for temporary mobility). But appreciate that your journey may attract risks that are unique:

  • Because you're still in Canada, it's tempting to assume that the procedural and substantive laws are the same in another jurisdiction as they are in BC. In fact, they may be very different.
  • You may need to hire a lawyer in another jurisdiction to act as your agent. A critical step may be missed because of misunderstandings about who is doing what, and when.
  • Not knowing another jurisdiction's laws can lead to procrastination, and physical distance may create timing challenges. Deadlines may be missed.

Whether you are practising the law of another jurisdiction from your office here in BC or someplace else, travel safely by appreciating the risks and following our travel tips.