Provided you are eligible, you must give your promise and declaration, including your undertaking to the Law Society to:

  • only practice part-time; and
  • notify the Law Society as soon as possible if your circumstances change (e.g. you are working more hours and are no longer eligible for the discount)

As with any undertaking you give, a breach is an ethical breach for which you face sanction by the Law Society (BC Code rule 5.1-6). Of course, the full insurance fee is due and owing for any periods in which you were not eligible.

If you claim the discount and then later wish to return to full-time practice, you will be subject to the Law Society’s returning to practice rules.

To apply, submit to the Law Society

If you are applying to change from full-time to part-time practice, you will receive a refund of the prorated portion of the insurance fee.

More information on the part-time insurance discount
Law Society’s compulsory professional liability insurance policy

Paying discounted fees

The discount reduces each of the two installments, which are payable in November and June. If you apply for and pay the discounted fee in November, the discount will be automatically applied to your June installment, unless you notify the Law Society of a change in your practice status.