Apply for an exemption from compulsory liability coverage

A lawyer may apply for an exemption from maintaining compulsory liability coverage if they meet one of the requirements under Rule 3-43:

  • employed by or seconded to one of the following and are opting to claim an exemption:
  • a federal, provincial, territorial or municipal government department or a Crown corporation;
  • a society or association;
  • a partnership or corporation, other than a law firm;
  • a trade union; or
  • a regulatory body.
  • provide research and opinion services to an indemnified member and have no client contact whatsoever (includes law professors rendering research and opinion services to government).
  • not engaged in the practice of law at present (for reasons including a sabbatical, maternity or parental leave, or unemployment).
  • engaged in the practice of law for no fee, gain or reward, whether direct or indirect, from the person(s) for whom the service(s) is provided.
  • reside* outside of British Columbia and are not engaged in the practice of BC law.
  • reside* outside of British Columbia in a Canadian jurisdiction, are a member of that jurisdiction’s law society, are entitled to practise law in that jurisdiction, and maintain the full professional liability insurance or indemnification coverage required in that jurisdiction.
  • a Canadian Legal Advisor authorized to practise law in BC and maintain full professional liability insurance coverage required by the Barreau du Québec that extends to your practice in BC.

* Resident has the meaning with respect to a province or territory that it has with respect to Canada in the Income Tax Act (Canada).

Apply for an exemption

To request an exemption, you must submit an online application form via the link in the sidebar or the Member Portal. If your application is approved, you will receive a pro-rated refund for the difference in fees (see Schedule 2 – note that GST will be added to the listed fees). 

If your practice circumstances change such that you are no longer eligible to claim an exemption, you must apply for full-time or part-time indemnity coverage in advance of the change to ensure you have coverage in place before practising in your new circumstances.