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Printable/downloadable member cards now available

Printable and downloadable member cards for 2024 are now available via the Law Society member portal once you have paid your 2024 annual fee and filed the Annual Practice Declaration (if applicable). The member cards can be found in the My Profile section of Member Portal. You may retrieve your member card at your convenience and begin using it immediately.

Member cards are provided as an image and in a PDF format. You may choose to print your card or save the member card image or file onto your mobile device or computer.

We have notified the law courts, law libraries and jails of this change. If you have any questions, please contact Registration and Licensee Services at 604.605.5311 or

The secured area of the Law Society website provides lawyers and students access to their preferences as well as reporting tools, education resources and registries including:

  • Invoices and Receipts
  • Annual Practice Declaration
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and online courses
  • Locum and Succession Registries
  • Professional Legal Training Course (PLTC)
  • Family law alternate dispute resolution accreditation

If you are a Bencher or on a Law Society committee or task force, you will also be able to access any related materials here.

Unintended communications: The Law Society takes the privacy of confidential and personal information very seriously. Despite precautions taken to protect this information, mistakes can occur. If you receive or access a communication through the secure area of the Law Society website that you believe was not intended for you or does not relate to your role or duties, please notify the Law Society’s Privacy Compliance Officer immediately by email at

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