Admitted Discipline Violations

Summary of Decision on Disciplinary Action

Brock Anthony Edwards

Burnaby, BC

Called to the bar: September 1, 2004

Hearing date: September 29, 2020

Panel: Craig Ferris, QC (chair), Laura Nashman and John Waddell, QC

Decision issued: November 26, 2020 (2020 LSBC 57)

Counsel: Mandana Namazi for the Law Society; Joel Morris for Brock Anthony Edwards


A hearing panel found that, while representing himself in matrimonial proceedings, Brock Anthony Edwards committed professional misconduct when he misused the court process by doing the following:

  • paying costs to the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program rather than to the opposing party contrary to a court order in order to frustrate the opposing party and increase the cost of litigation for the opposing party;
  • sending a memo to the opposing party stating his intention to bring another application because he believed it would result in the opposing party having to pay her lawyer more;
  • filing two requisitions that were purportedly by consent, when he knew or ought to have known that no such consent had been provided;
  • threatening and instituting legal proceedings for an improper purpose; and
  • using the court process as a means of harassing and intimidating the opposing party (2020 LSBC 21).


The hearing panel considered the very serious nature of Edwards’ misconduct in frustrating or misusing the court process on five separate occasions, as well as the consequences on his former spouse, his former spouse’s partner, their children, opposing counsel, the court process and the legal profession. The panel considered his 12 years of experience practising law to be an aggravating factor, as he would not have been able to pursue the course of action he did had he not been a lawyer with significant court experience. The panel did not find evidence of any remedial action.

The panel ordered that Edwards:

  1. be suspended for two months; and
  2. pay costs of $14,058.71.

2020 LSBC 57 Decision on Disciplinary Action