Admitted Discipline Violations

Summary of a Decision of the President on Application for Production of Documents

Hong Guo

Richmond, BC

Written materials: August 31, 2021

Decision issued: September 21, 2021 (2021 LSBC 37)

President: Dean Lawton, QC

Counsel: J. Kenneth McEwan, QC for the Law Society; Craig Jones, QC for Hong Guo


Hong Guo applied to the president for the determination of a preliminary question relating to the hearing of five citations. Guo requested an order requiring e-Forensic Services Inc. and its director Laurie Windover to produce all documents in their possession relating to an order, the attendance of its personnel at Guo’s offices, examination and mirroring of hard drives and a cellphone and all subsequent searches and uses of the data obtained.


The president determined that the documents sought by Guo remain in the control of the Law Society and the Law Society is aware of its obligation to disclose documents to Guo. The president determined there is no need for a separate order regarding e-Forensic Services Inc. or its director to produce the same records in their possession and dismissed the application.

2021 LSBC 37 Decision on an Application for Production of Documents