Admitted Discipline Violations

Summary of Decision on Facts and Determination

Paule Fiona Seeger

Called to the bar: May 10, 2004

Written submissions: December 7, 2021

Panel: Pinder Cheema, QC, Chair, Lance Ollenberger and Monique Pogracic-Speier, QC

Decision issued: March 4, 2022 (2022 LSBC 08)

Counsel: Barbara Lohmann for the Law Society; Janice McAfee for Paule Fiona Seeger


The Law Society issued a citation against lawyer Paule Fiona Seeger for professional misconduct or a breach of the Act or rules.

The citation alleges that Seeger misappropriated or improperly withdrew client trust funds, for payment of legal fees when she had not rendered sufficient legal services to justify the withdrawal, when there were insufficient funds on deposit to the credit of the clients, for disbursements that had not been incurred or not accurately billed, made representations on invoices that were false or misleading and improperly billed clients at her hourly rate when the work had been completed by an articled student whose hourly rate was lower. The citation also alleges that Seeger gave someone pre-signed blank cheques for her pooled trust account in 20 instances and failed to notify the Executive Director of the circumstances surrounding an unsatisfied monetary judgment issued against her.


Seeger admitted to the conduct alleged in the citation. The panel found Seeger committed professional misconduct.

2022 LSBC 08 Decision on Facts and Determination