Admitted Discipline Violations

Summary of Review Board Decision

Leonides Tungohan

Vancouver, BC

Called to the bar: May 1, 2008

Submissions to review board on clarification and costs: December 23, 2016 and January 25 and 26, 2017

Review board: Gregory Petrisor, Chair, Don Amos, Jeff Campbell, QC, Woody Hayes, Carol Hickman, QC, John Hogg, QC and Linda Michaluk

Decision issued: May 30, 2017 (2017 LSBC 19)

Counsel: Alison Kirby for the Law Society; Leonides Tungohan on his own behalf


Under the review board’ s December 12, 2016 decision, dismissing Leonides Tungohan’ s application for a review of the hearing panel’ s decisions on facts and determination and on disciplinary action, Tungohan was ordered to produce an accountant’ s report of his general account and trust accounts. The Law Society sought clarification as to dates of audit periods and due dates of accountant’ s reports. The Law Society also sought costs for this review.


The audit period should include the time period from the date of the decision on disciplinary action (June 5, 2015). If the first report has not already been submitted, it should be submitted within 30 days of this ruling.

Tungohan must pay costs for the review in the amount of $12,119.96, based on the tariff of costs in Schedule 4 to the Law Society Rules.

2017 LSBC 19 Decision of the Review Board on Clarification and Costs