Admitted Discipline Violations

Summary of the Hearing Panel on Costs


Panel: Nancy G. Merrill, Chair, Lance J. Ollenberger and Peter D. Warner, QC

Decision on costs: October 19, 2017 (2017 LSBC 36)

Counsel: Henry C. Wood, QC for the Law Society; Sarah J. Rauch for Daniel Clayton Gallant


Daniel Clayton Gallant’ s involvement with gangs, violence and radical extremism ended 16 years ago. After seeking help and guidance, he has abstained from all drug and alcohol use since age 26. He received a pardon for his criminal convictions in 2008. He is active in the areas of combatting radicalization, right-wing extremism, hate crimes and terrorism, and trains law enforcement officers and advises governments. Gallant completed a bachelor of arts degree in 2011 and graduated with a law degree in May 2017.

Gallant applied for enrolment in the Admission Program, and the Credentials Committee ordered a hearing to determine whether he meets the criteria for admission. The panel found that Gallant is of good character and repute and fit to become a barrister and a solicitor of the Supreme Court. (2017 LSBC 21; Fall 2017 Benchers’ Bulletin)


Despite Gallant’ s success in the hearing, the hearing panel determined the extent and severity of his past criminal behaviour made the hearing necessary.  

The Law Society has provided a bill of costs for the hearing. The hearing panel ordered Gallant to pay:

  1. $2,000 in costs; and
  2. disbursements and taxes of $694.27.

2017 LSBC 36 Decision on Costs